Vial refugee camp: Video by Ishtar

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Παρασκευή, 27 October 2017
Vial refugee camp: Video by Ishtar

Posted on Facebook by Ishtar

Greece - Chios Island - Camp Vial
An Iraqi refugee explains the suffering of refugees in the Vial camp
The camp exceeds the absorptive capacity of refugees.
Two hours stand on your legs to receive food because of the large number of refugees as well as one outlet to receive food causing congestion .
The food is very bad.
The spread of rats in tents and refugee containers.
Few buses carrying refugees from the camp to the center of the island.
Very slow asylum procedures and interview.
No additional containers.
A crisis in the provision of tents and blankets by the UNHCR .
No good medical care in the camp.
No hot water for bathing.
Rain makes the camp like a swamp .
Most refugees sleep in the cold and rain. Due to lack of infrastructure
No electricity In the tents , No sanitation, No running water.

Video: Vial refugee camp