It's all Greek to me


It's all Greek to me

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"It's all Greek to me" documentary was created by refugee children, who are staying at Iliaktida's shelters. The film participated in EUFORIA 2016-2017 european educational program’s film festival and won the Best Original Screenplay award!

The documentary was created by Mary, Farid, Amal, Shardar, Moussa, Valy, Rahaf and Mahida, who were supported by Niovi Zormpa, Elena Galani and the Department of Cultural Technology of the University of the Aegean.

In the framework of the EUFORIA Student Digital Short project, 200 secondary education students from Greece, Hungary and Poland worked in 24 groups and filmed 24 short documentaries that highlighted this year’s topic "Forced Displacement”, depicting their thoughts and feelings about migration and refugees.
Regarding the groups, 10 out of 24 came from Greece, 8 from Poland and 6 from Hungary. It is worth noting that the groups from Greece consisted of students from Greek schools, as well as children refugees who attend schools in Greece. The documentaries that were jointly created by these groups were the result of excellent collaboration and interaction that was developed between them.

We should mention, that students from Mytilene’s Night High School (the first school in Lesvos which accepted refugee students) also participated in the program with their own film.

Many students who worked on the documentaries are now living in their destination countries.