Podcasting Workshop | Office of Displaced Designers


Podcasting Workshop | Office of Displaced Designers

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The goal of this workshop is to produce audio content which focuses on what drives us, motivates us and inspires us. We want to share our dreams, propose positive solutions and create a cooperation with every aspect of the island for a positive change.

Over the course of 8 sessions, participants will practice story boarding, interviewing techniques, audio recording and editing. The sessions will combine classroom instruction with fieldwork to create to create a podcast episode. We’ll celebrate the end of the workshop with a launch event open to the public and make the episode available online. 

This free workshop will be guest facilitated by Hjordis Kiara Zachariassen

To attend you must 15 years or older and sign up. It's quick and easy! 

Email us: hello@displaceddesigners.org
send us a facebook message: Office of Displaced Designers
stop by in person: Ag. Therapontos, 5 Mytilini