Moria migrants and Greek islanders protest over new camp


Moria migrants and Greek islanders protest over new camp

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Thousands of migrants and refugees left without shelter after a fire on the Greek island of Lesbos have been protesting against the construction of a replacement camp.

Almost 13,000 people had been living in squalor in the overcrowded Moria camp and are desperate to leave the island.

The island's residents also oppose the reconstruction of the camp and have blocked roads to stop aid deliveries.

But the Greek army has already begun setting up replacement accommodation.

Families have been sleeping in fields and on roads after fleeing the blaze on Wednesday, as authorities struggle to find accommodation for them.

The Moria camp was initially designed to house 3,000 migrants. People from 70 countries had been sheltered there, most from Afghanistan.

On Friday, migrants and refugees approached police barriers blocking the road out of Moria camp, holding signs calling for "freedom" and opposing the construction of a new camp.

There is also strong resistance from locals for a new camp to house them.

"We don't want another camp, and we will oppose any construction work," local leader Vangelis Violatzis was quoted as saying. "We've faced this situation for five years, it's time for others to bear this burden."


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