We Must All End The Greek Government’s Abuse of Human Rights


We Must All End The Greek Government’s Abuse of Human Rights

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We Must All End The Greek Government’s Abuse of Human Rights

Source: Aegean Boat Report | 17 July 2021 | 

The Greek government’s astonishing and unacceptable violation of human rights continues unabated, as the treatment of two more groups of vulnerable people seeking safety in the EU shows.

In the early hours of 2 July, two boats arrived on the Greek Aegean island of Lesvos, one in the north close to Chapel carrying 10 people, and one east of Tsilia in the south, carrying 20 people. Both groups fled to the woods in the surrounding areas, hiding from the police, fearing that they, like so many before them, would be sent back to Turkey if found.

At first light, both groups contacted Aegean Boat Report for assistance. We received locations, pictures and videos on Whatsapp, which showed the new arrivals was in fact on Lesvos.

The group of 10 people, in the north, walked towards the village of Lepetimnos, then east towards Sikaminea. During the day, we lost contact with the group several times, due to bad cellphone coverage in the area. Our last contact with the group was at 9pm, when all phones went offline. They have not been online since. UNHCR on Lesvos was informed on the arrivals and their whereabouts, what steps were taken, if any, to ensure the safety of these people is unknown.

At 12.40am on 3 July, the Turkish coast guard (TCG) found and picked up a child, alone in a small rubber boat without an engine, drifting outside Dikili, Turkey.

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