Vial refugee camp: Video by Action from Switzerland

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Thursday, October 26, 2017
Vial refugee camp: Video by Action from Switzerland

Posted on Facebook by Action from Switzerland


It was announced in the summer that the Greek government will be taking over the management of support services for our displaced friends on Chios as of 31st July 2017. Since then, ECHO funded INGOs have pulled out, leaving a huge humanitarian gap. Just a few grassroots NGOs remain on the island. As of last week, Souda camp was officially shut and everyone moved to Vial.

700 million Euros has been made available to the Greek government to manage the situation. Look at the conditions.

We committed to remain and never forgot our promise to take our responsibility as witnesses even more seriously, in continuing to document the conditions and potential human rights violations within the hotspot.

This video was recorded yesterday morning - evidentiary proof that fundamental rights of the thousands of refugees trapped, are being violated daily.

The 19 new arrivals on Chios today - 9 children, 4 women will imminently face the same humiliating treatment.

We remain committed to amplifying their voices.

The ongoing practice of dodging blame and responsibility for the systematic violation of refugees’ rights in the Greek hotspots has to stop.

We want Europe to close the hotspots and decongest the islands by ending restrictions on the freedom of movement of asylum-seekers arriving on the Greek islands.

The time for excuses and inaction must end. #opentheislands #noEUTurkeydeal

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Video: Vial refugee camp