A Syrian Princess


A Syrian Princess

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"This is  a personal account  of the  refugee rescue and  relief effort mounted in the island of Lesvos, as I experienced it during my days of volunteer work on the island’s North coast in October of 2015. All the characters and events are real, improbable as some may appear to be…

There  are also  some  individual  refugee stories,  but  theirs is  a picture unavoidably blurred and incomplete.  This is simply because of the dynamics imposed on the rescue and relief workers from facing wave after wave  of people  arriving on  that coast  of Despair.  All that remained at the end of a day was  a smile there, a fragment of a story here, a sad faraway look, longing eyes looking East, Silences, …mere fragments of  a much larger drama,  one without  Deux  ex Machina and with more acts to follow…"

Petros X

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