Island Hoping


Island Hoping


10/11/2018 - 03/02/2019, Solo exhibition of the Greek-German artist Christina Dimitriadis, Athens Municipality Arts Center 

Curator: Denys Zacharopoulos

In November 2018, the Athens Municipality Arts Center at Parko Eleftherias in Athens, Greece, is pleased to present the first institutional solo exhibition of the Greek-German artist Christina Dimitriadis.

The exhibition, entitled Island Hoping, will present the artist’s new photographic project. Island Hoping – an optimistic wordplay on the notion of “island hopping” – explores images and myths of the Mediterranean, a geographical entity, but above all an imagined reality, in which the appreciation of beauty and a collective spirit is deeply ingrained. The Mediterranean is sometimes described as a cultural space, but in fact its historical and political reality has always been more complex. Read more>>>