Lesvos Bulletin:Oxfam’s update on the EU ‘hotspot’


Lesvos Bulletin:Oxfam’s update on the EU ‘hotspot’

Author: Marion Bouchetel | oxfam.app.box.com | 1 June 2019

In April and May, Greece remainedthe mainpoint of irregular entry intoEurope.

Some 15,700 people are currently stranded on the Aegean is-lands and overcrowding in the EU “hotspots” on those islands re-mains alarming –with over 12,000 people crammed into spaces with an official capacity of around 6,500 persons as per the Hellenic Ministry of Interior.

As per UNHCR figures, in Lesvos, children currently account for 42% of the migrant population –morethan 70% of them are un-der 12 years old, and 14% of them are unaccompanied or sepa-rated children –and serious protection concerns remain for migrant children living in the islands’ camps.

The chronic understaffing of public health providersand theabsence of government funded lawyers to support asylum seek-ers in Moria “hotspot”demonstratesthat the EU “hotspots” are op-erating in a manner thatunderminespeoples’protection andbasicrights.