Lesvos Bulletin: Oxfam’s update on the EU ‘hotspot’


Lesvos Bulletin: Oxfam’s update on the EU ‘hotspot’

Author: Marion Bouchetel | oxfam.app.box.com | 1  August 2019

In June and July, over 9,000 migrants reached Greece via sea or land routes1 - a sharp increase compared to the previous few months.

As of 28 July, some 19,700 people were stranded on the Aegean islands. The EU “hotspot” of Moria on Lesvos was dangerously overcrowded with a population of over 7,200 while its capacity is limited to 3,100 people.

Over a third of the migrant population trapped on Lesvos island are children despite serious protection concerns2 .

The chronic shortage of public health providers in Moria “hotspot” continues to undermine the rights of migrants, particularly for the most vulnerable.

On 11 June, a shipwreck off the coast of Lesvos claimed the lives of seven people3 , including two children. This is the second shipwreck in the Aegean Sea this year, highlighting the need for the creation of safe and regular routes for migrants into Europe.