Observatory News Bulletin: On the fire at Vathi Reception Identification Centre (RIC) and the latest developments in Samos


Observatory News Bulletin: On the fire at Vathi Reception Identification Centre (RIC) and the latest developments in Samos

The Observatory of the Refugee and Migration Crisis in the Aegean presents a collection of articles from Greek (local and national) and international press and announcements from various political and social fora, in reference to the recent fire at Vathi Reception Identification Centre (RIC) and the latest developments in Samos.

The collection includes the following sections:

  1. Introductory text from the Observatory
  2. Articles from the Greek (national and local) press
  3. Articles from international press
  4. Announcements from political and social fora
  5. Published audiovisual material


On Monday evening, October 14, 2019, a fire broke out at Vathi Reception and Identification Centre (RIC) in Samos. Due to the fire, which according to information from the Fire Department, was first developed in existing rubbish outside the RIC area and quickly expanded within the camp, thousands of refugees and migrants deserted the camp and moved to adjacent open spaces and the city. Earlier, in a central street of of Samos, there was a clash between Syrians and Afghans, which resulted in the injury of three Syrian who were transported to the hospital. From the fire in Vathi RIC, 16 huts were destroyed, as well as 15 tents with a capacity of more than 15 people each.

On Tuesday 15 October 2019 the Mayor of East Samos announced the non-operation of all public schools in the city of Samos and Vathi, and called for an emergency city council, which demanded the immediate decongestion of the island. The city council also decided a series of protest actions, which include the non-operation of all municipal services, the act of protest in the mooring area of Frontex vessels, and the call for a general protest on Monday 21 October 2019.

At the same time marches were also organized by refugees and migrants themselves, who complain about the poor living conditions in Vathi RIC and ask for their departure from the island.


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Πυρκαγιά στο hotspot μεταναστών στην πόλη της Σάμου | naftemporiki.gr | 15 Οctober 2019 > https://www.naftemporiki.gr/video/1523915/purkagia-sto-hotspot-metanaston-stin-poli-tis-samou

Κάλεσμα Δημάρχου Ανατολικής Σάμου | samos24.gr | 20 Οctober 2019 > https://youtu.be/EOqCSY6Dfes