Observatory News Bulletin: Parents’ Association protest in Samos against the Reception Facilities for Refugee Education (RFRE) in the island’s schools (Updated 22 October 2019)


Observatory News Bulletin: Parents’ Association protest in Samos against the Reception Facilities for Refugee Education (RFRE) in the island’s schools (Updated 22 October 2019)

The Observatory of the Refugee and Migration Crisis in the Aegean presents a collection of articles from the Greek (local and national) press, and announcements from various political, social and educational fora, in reference to actions of protest, organised by Parents’ Associations in Samos, opposing the operation of Reception Facilities for Refugee Education (RFRE) in schools.

The collection includes the following sections:

  1. Introductory text from the Observatory
  2. Articles from the Greek (local and national) and international press
  3. Announcements in political, social and educational venues
  4. Links to published audiovisual material



On January 28th 2018, during a general assembly of the Parents’ Associations in Samos, in which issues concerning the operation of Reception Facilities for Refugee Education (RFRE) were discussed, there were reactions, The reactions were triggered by a joint resolution filed by the Primary schools of Samos and Vathi, according to which the function of the RFRE classes was placed outside the already existing school units. The Teachers  Association of Samos expressed its opposition to this proposal from the outset, and there was further tension when a teacher in favour of the inclusion of refugee pupils in the education system, tried to take the floor. The operation of RFRE classes in Samos began on February 7th 2019, with the enrolment of 12 pupils at the 3rd Primary School of Samos. However, on the first day of operation of RFRE classes in the Primary School of Vathy on March 5, 2019, the Parents’ Associations of the Kindergarten and Primary School of Vathi Samou, decided the abstention of students from classes.

The aforementioned reactions, can be understood either through reference to other similar forms of reactions, adopted by Parents' Associations in Greece (among them the most recent example is that of Chios, where on September 12, 2018, more than 1,000 parents and guardians of students attending schools in the Prefecture of Chios sent a letter of protest to all school principals and other educational and political authorities on the island, stating their opposition to the operation of RFRE inside the island’s school units. As an alternative they proposed the operation of such facilities within the geographical limits of VIAL refugee camp. For more see Observatory News Bulletin), either through the broader local context in Samos.

Since October 2018, numerous articles in national and local press, refer both to the increase of arrivals in Samos and to the inadequate reception and residency conditions for asylum seekers on the island (for more visit kathimerini.gr), as well as to the reactions these cause on behalf of the island’s local residents. A peak of these reactions was the call for a general strike, which took place on 7th  February 2019 and was supported by a number of social, commercial and medical associations of the island, as well as by the Regional Unity, the Municipality of Samos and the Holy Diocese of Samos of Ikaria and Fourni (for more read here).

It should be mentioned that on March 21st 2019, following the intervention of the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, the Parents’ Association decided to lift the decision regarding classes abstention. 


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