Moria camp on fire


Moria camp on fire

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Alarming images of the chaos that has erupted inside the overcrowded Moria Refugee Camp in Lesvos island, Greece, one of the biggest refugee camps in Europe, hosting more than 13.000 migrants. The reports indicate that many fires in different parts of the area have engulfed the camp, burning since the late hours of Tuesday, 8 September 2020, while thousands of migrants are stranded inside the camp, that is on Coronavirus lockdown technically since the onset of the pandemic in early March, while yesterday 35 migrants tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. According to reports by media outlets the fires started simultaneously around the refugee hotspot, indicating arson. The videos you see above have been posted by the “Stand by me Lesvos”on Facebook and all the info that follows comes from their page, as reported by their Media Teams inside the Moria Refugee camp.

[2:21] People escaping out of Moria. We pray that these people will have had enough trauma for tonight as we simultaneously are getting reports of locals attacking and blocking people's passage into the nearby village.

[2:13] Bye bye Moria are saying these refugees. Everything is on fire and people tray to escape now. So soon we will have 13.000 homeless refugees on this island whose belongings are burned. After Moria Lesvos will go down.Moria finish,... Moria destroyed,....We are also getting reports that Moria residents who are trying to escape are being pushed back and attacked by locals,...

[1:42] Another update! The whole camp is on fire. Everything is burning. People are escaping. Their homes in Moria are gone,.... Police just arrived. Telling everyone to get out of the camp.

[1:37] Update: "Where is the police, where is the fire brigade, where is anyone. We are burning, our tents are burning. Everything is burning. We came here to burn to death. All is on fire".This is what we just heard in one of the many phone calls we get from our partners. Moria is in flames and 13.000 people are at risk.

[1:13] Update: Now fire reached inside the main camp. Structures there are burning. Thousands of refugees are in panic while other use this night to get out all their anger and frustration and criminal elements are happy to use the chance to steal and loot. It's complete chaos and probably the end of Moria. Note: All these pictures are made by our partner Media Teams who are taking high risks to get this information out to us in Mytilini. [00:56] "All the camp in fire". Just got a report that EASO office is in flames. Riots have made a move towards the new hospital in Moria too! Is this the end of Moria camp??

[00:43] Update: More pictures of what is going on. Fires seem out of control. Moria is burning and this means Lesvos is burning and where are all the people now with their talks and promises? We always said and we knew: We are alone on this island and whoever hoped that this talks were anything than empty talks can see now the bitter reality. This fire is a fire in all of Europe but it only destroys our island. [00:22] Update: More fires reported, now reached zone 12 and is near the new hospital. As our partners tell us the situation seems totally out of control, people are screaming and fearing for their lives.

[00:05] Update: Fires are spreading everywhere and the fire brigades seemed entrance by some angry protesters. Our partners in the camp say that the situation is getting worse every minute. [23:58] Update: Sounds of shootings right now in Moria. And now big fires in three zones [23:52] Chaos in Moria. We warned since months about this. Now it seems to finally happen. The news reaching us from the camp are alarming. After Corona spread and no proper measures were taken, residents were not well-informed a kind of uprise broke out, obviously the new isolation area was looted and other buildings too. Currently, various fires in the camp are reported and it seems even shootings happen. It's a nightmare coming true, but a nightmare that could have been easily prevented and all the months were not used for it. Please no one should later say he couldn't know. These are some pictures we receive in these moments from the media teams of our partners in the camp who are in the middle of this mess.