Bodies of two refugee children washed ashore on Lesvos island

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Saturday, November 11, 2017
Bodies of two refugee children washed ashore on Lesvos island

Authorities on the island of Lesvos stand before a mystery as the bodies at least two children were washed ashore in the less than 24 hours. A third body was discovered later on Saturday. No information about age or sex so far, as coast guard members were heading to the area as this post was written.

According to local media, the body of a girl estimated between 12 and 13 years old was found on the beach near Madamados on Saturday morning. Another body was washed ashore a little later. On Friday, the body of a young boy estimated at the same age was found in the same area of Sarakina near Madamados. The body was in in advanced level of sepsis and was taken to a local hospital for autopsy. According to, the boy was wearing blue shorts and shoes. Security authorities are concerned as no missing person has been declared. Authorities suggest that the two bodies belong to refugee children, however, there has been neither the UNHCR nor any other relevant body has filed for missing refugee children.

The village of Madamados is 36km North-West of the city of Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos.

UPDATE  Nov 12: According to latest information, the third body washed ashore on Saturday belonged to an adult man. All bodies were in advance sepsis. The most possible creepy scenario suggests that that a boat sank some time ago and  … nobody noticed.

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