The “hotspots” experiment: removing human rights from the equation


The “hotspots” experiment: removing human rights from the equation

Author: | 9 October 2018

Gradually, hotspots on the Greek islands have acquired more characteristics far different to those initially announced in terms of their operation and human rights guarantees.

Everything shows that a new model of violent psychological deterrence has been established in Europe for those crossing borders irregularly and arrive in Greece. This model is based on the practice of geographical limitation and degrading first reception conditions.

The Greek hotspots have been transformed into areas where human rights are being systematically breached. It is extremely problematic that these breaches continue despite the fact that a number of international organizations supervise and contribute to the hotspot operations.

Despite the human misery inflicted by the measure of geographical restriction, the Greek authorities have persisted with its implementation as a means to implement the toxic EU-Turkey deal. The measure does not allow refugees to travel to the mainland and makes any referrals to proper accommodation according to the individuals’ needs and vulnerabilities difficult. Meanwhile, transfer to the mainland remain very slow due to the reported lack of available places in camps there.

It is of particular importance that the way hotspots operate since the implementation of the deal has led parts of the local island communities to shift towards extreme conservative positions and on several occasions, racist attacks. However, for the political European elite this model is still considered successful. In one of the recent European summit, it was presented as a good practice to be implemented in the Central European countries according.

Refugee Support Aegean (RSA), as an organization that systematically monitors developments in the hotpots, calls for the halt of creating grey zones where human rights are systematically violated and local communities are pushed to xenophobia and racism in the name of implementing the toxic EU-Turkey deal. Read more>>>