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Leros Society
December 01, 2017

"Welcome to Leros is a story of chaos, heartache, sometimes humour; of hope and solidarity. It tells how ordinary people living on a small Greek island join forces with a new community of international volunteers to respond to a sudden influx of refugees fleeing war, torture and persecution in the Middle East" (...) "It tells of a time when thousands of people across Europe rise in solidarity, offering whatever they can of themselves, inspired purely by compassion for their fellow human beings in their time of suffering and need."

Refugees & Migrants
November 02, 2017

In the spring of 2017, we set out to create together. Using only disposable cameras we sought to bring awareness to the worst refugee crisis the world has seen since WW2, from the eyes of those affected the most. All pictures and stories throughout Fish Out Of Sea were created by people from the refugee camps in the Greek islands of Chios And Lesvos.

Foreign Institutions
November 01, 2017