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Foreign Institutions
May 31, 2016

For Refugees smartphones are an essential tool and a risk. CCIG researchers are leading the way in research on the digital infrastructure that shapes the passage to Europe for refugees. The "Mapping Refugee Media Journeys" project investigates the parallel tracks of the physical and digital journeys of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. It documents the media and informational resources that refugees use from the point of departure, during their journeys across different borders and states, and upon arrival (if they reach their desired destination). By identifying the news and information resources used by refugees, and where they experience gaps or misinformation, we intend to make recommendations to European Commission, to European Member states and their state funded international news organisations about what resources might they might provide not only to help refugees make better-informed decisions but to offer protection as required to fulfil their obligations under the UN Refugee Convention 1951. As signatories to the Convention they are obliged to provide information about national legislation relating to refugees and to cooperate with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees in its timely and ordered dissemination.