Greek Coast Guard Abandons New-Born Baby At Sea


Greek Coast Guard Abandons New-Born Baby At Sea

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Greek Coast Guard Abandons New-Born Baby At Sea

Source: Aegean Boat Report | 4 July 2021 |

Ten men, women and children, including a new-born baby, were held at gunpoint and stripped of their possessions by Greek police, before being forced into an engineless rubber boat and set adrift on the Aegean Sea, in the Greek government’s latest clear violation of international law and decent human behaviour.

On 4 July, Aegean Boat Report published a report about a boat carrying 21 people that landed on Chios.

The boat’s arrival was reported by several Greek newspapers. 

Four people were quickly found, but eventually nine people from the boat were registered in the Chios RIC: this means 12 people had ‘disappeared’.

Our report on the incident, on 4 July, read: ‘A boat carrying 21 people landed south of Vokaria, Chios south east before 06.00 this morning. The Hellenic coast guard tried to stop the boat from reaching land, but was not successful. They alerted police and 17 people, amongst them a newborn baby, was apprehended shortly after arrival. Four women managed to escape and contacted Aegean Boat Report for assistance, while they were hiding in the woods in the area. Port police on Chios denies that there have been any arrivals, even do locals have witnessed everything. Since this morning port police have searched the area by land and sea, even a helicopter have been used, but officially nothing has happened.

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