Refugees & Migrants
Oct 7, 2017
Humanitarian Governance
Sep 13, 2017

Interventions in the public space of Lesvos - and other European countries - αs part of a European activist campaign, for the support of safe passage for the refugees and migrants who arrive in Europe through the Mediterranean (#safepassage || #freeiuventa).

Sep 1, 2017

International Conference: Mytilene, Sep.28 - Oct.1, 2017

European member states are signatories to the Geneva Convention Related to the Status of Refugees | Human rights and dignity are respected in detention centres across Europe | An electrified fence was built to protect the nation-state from illegal intruders | Traffickers are responsible for deaths by drowning in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas | Deportations are voluntary returns | Turkey is a safe country | War is peace | Freedom is slavery | Ignorance is strength