EU-Turkey deal: 12,000 people transferred in 2018


EU-Turkey deal: 12,000 people transferred in 2018

Author: | 5 March 2019

Around 7000 Syrian refugees were transferred from Turkey to EU countries in 2018 as part of the EU-Turkey deal, while just over 5000 asylum seekers were sent from Greece to Turkey. Critics of the deal say it turns a blind eye to the detrimental conditions in Greece and Turkey.

Nearly 7000 Syrian refugees in Turkey were sent to EU countries as part of the EU-Turkey deal last year. That’s around 0.2 percent of the Syrian refugee population currently registered in Turkey.

Around 5000 asylum seekers left Greece "voluntarily" with return assistance from the United Nation's "Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegration Program." Another 322 people were deported from Greece to Turkey, according to a response from the German government to an inquiry from the opposition Left party. The figures are based on information provided by the European Commission. Read more>>>