A collection of texts presented at the Thessaloniki NO BORDER CAMP

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017
A collection of texts presented at the Thessaloniki NO BORDER CAMP
No Border
No Border
A collection of texts presented at the Thessaloniki No Border Camp. Most of the texts were afterwards updated by their authors. The Thessaloniki No Border Organizing Assembly was dissolved in October 2016. All of its members continue to fight for migrants’ rights, the way each of them consider most ap-propriate. Publishing the papers presented during the No Border Camp was one of the tasks of the Thessaloniki No Border Camp Press Team and this collection is its final activity.


1.  The initial call for the Thessaloniki No Border Camp
2.  Presentation of the pamphlet: “Vogelfrei. Migration, deportations, capital and its state”
3.  The role of the university in the management of migration flows
4.  “Leaving in shadow”: The gender dimensions of migration
5.  Voices from the Moroccan border: testimonies of the externalised EU border system in North Africa
6.  The Self Organized Solidarity Initiative to Refugees and Immigrants and the squat at Dervenion 56, Athens
7.  Transnational Social Strike
8.  Adverse Humanitarianisms: institutional Necropolitics and the urge to tame grass-roots solidarity in transnational migration governance
9.  WatchTheMed Alarm Phone / Intervention, Documentation, Networking / Towards the Freedom of Movement!
10. The Thessaloniki No Border Camp in retrospect

Access and download the collection here: http://noborder2016.espivblogs.net/2017/08/02/a-collection-of-texts-presented-at-the-thessaloniki-no-border-camp-july-15-24-2016-updated-by-their-authors/