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Moria, Lesvos (RIC/Hotspot), Kara Tepe, Lesvos (Acc.Facility), Vial, Chios (RIC/Hotspot), Souda, Chios (Acc. Facility), Vathi, Samos (RIC/Hotspot), Lepida, Leros (RIC/Hotspot), Pyli, Kos (RIC/Hotspot)

This document provides detailed information on Temporary Accommodation Sites and Reception & Identification Centers (RICs) in Greece in order to allow for better planning and to address gaps where highlighted.

Souda, Chios (Acc. Facility)

Souda has always been somewhat of an enigma. Both impossible to accurately describe and impossible to forget. Since opening almost two years ago it has been ‘home’ to thousands upon thousands of people looking to start a new life, a safe life, in Europe.

Just over a year ago, Souda was a bustling place full of both hope and frustration and yet also, somehow, happiness. The kids who lived there were largely responsible for this, they brought out the best in the adults, who all tried to make it a better place for them.

Moria, Lesvos (RIC/Hotspot), Kara Tepe, Lesvos (Acc.Facility), PIKPA, Lesvos (Acc. Facility), Souda, Chios (Acc. Facility), Vial, Chios (RIC/Hotspot), Vathi, Samos (RIC/Hotspot), Lepida, Leros (RIC/Hotspot), PIKPA, Leros (Acc. Facility), Pyli, Kos (RIC/Hotspot)

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