Refugee Love Letters to Inanimate Objects Left Behind


Refugee Love Letters to Inanimate Objects Left Behind


Author: Hayder Al-Hilo, Basel Al Sheakh Ali, Mohammad Kamal, Zainulabdeen | | 14 February 2019

Editor’s Note: These love letters were written by refugees stranded in the “hotspot” camp on the Greek island of Leros. They were an assignment developed by Maria Tetradi, language education director of the Hub, a refugee community space organized by Austrian charity Echo100Plus. The letters were originally published in the second issue of ZINE, a publication by and for refugees that is organized by editor and journalist Holly St. Lifer.

Dear Scissors,

I bought you in a shop. The same shop in Baghdad where I bought my fabric. I bought you the same day I opened my shop when I was 14 years old. Afterward, I bought more scissors, but I will always remember you, as you were my first pair.

You were black, not plastic but metal, just a bit bigger than my hand. You didn’t smell of anything, or at least I don’t remember. I liked you because you helped me make my work. With you I made many curtains. Every time I opened my shop I had you with me. I used you to cut my fabric, but I had to leave you behind because I had to close my shop and sell everything, including you.

Even though I know that I will have other pairs of scissors in the future, I will never forget you because with you I created my first curtains. I hope you are in good hands now and that you will never forget about me too.