Amnesty International urges Greece to protect female refugees


Amnesty International urges Greece to protect female refugees

Author: | 7 October 2018

Syrian refugees, arrive on the shores of Greek Islands in hopes to settle into Europe [File photo]

London-based rights watchdog Amnesty International on Saturday announced “10 overarching demands” of women and children living in Greece’s refugee camps to overcome human rights violations.

In the report published on Saturday, the human rights watchdog reveals that the women and girls who fled persecution and conflict after facing violence and sexual abuse in their countries gathered in hope for a better life in Europe.

The report titled “I Want to Decide About My Future: Uprooted women in Greece speak out” reveals the dire conditions and dangers that women and girls face as well as the perilous journeys they encounter when they reach the Greek islands or the mainland.

The report, which includes interviews with more than 100 women and girls living in camps and apartments in and around Athens and on the Greek islands,  also drew attention to the remarkable determination of refugee women in overcoming challenges.

Based on the testimony of women and girls, the report announced 10 concrete demands aimed at overcoming human rights violations experienced by female refugees.

According to the report, the suffering of female refugees does not end when they arrive at the European coasts. More than 60 percent of those who arrive in Greece in 2018 are women and children.