Pushback Ongoing Involving 400+ People


Pushback Ongoing Involving 400+ People

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aegeanboatreport.com | 29 October 2021

Pushback Ongoing Involving 400+ People

Yesterday morning Aegean Boat Report was contacted by a large group of people on a cargo ship drifting south of Ierapetra, Crete south. People onboard estimated that there are between 300-400 people onboard.

The boat was heading towards Italy, but due to bad weather and engine problems they headed towards Crete, where the engine stoped working.

They sent pictures, videos, sound messages and location data, and there is no doubt that the boat was drifting between Ierapetra and the small island of Chrisi.

People onboard call 112 and alerted the Hellenic coast guard, and shortly after a vessel from HCG was on the scene. HCG vessel ΛΣ 070 can be seen on pictures and videos sent from the people onboard.

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