AYS Daily Digest 05/3/20: Racism and Solidarity in Greece


AYS Daily Digest 05/3/20: Racism and Solidarity in Greece

Author: medium.com | 6 March 2020

Updates on the current situation in Greece // death toll in Mediterranean reaches 20.000 since 2014 // European cities open for integration of more refugees from Greece, but governments still blocking // Swedish right wing party member in Greece

Racists on the Rise and demonstrations for Solidarity with Refugees

A whole series of racists acts against refugees and attacks against activists and journalists happened yesterday all over Greece. At the same time, also all over the country, thousands of people demonstrated for Human Rights and Solidarity with Refugees.
In Volos in Central Greece, a Facebook group has been created named “Association of hunters of illegal migrants”. It later changed its name to “Association of Volos Patriots”, apparently after legal measures have been taken. In the closed group, pictures of weapons like guns and knives have been posted, together with gun licenses. Hateful posts circulated, together with incitements to hunt down refugees. The group organized a meeting just one hour before a solidarity march in Volos in order to structure itself for action and to plan a trip to Evros River at the border to support the border guards with their manpower and weaponry. The group is a closed group and can only be joined through invitation.