Asylum in Greece - The Eligibility Interview - ENGLISH

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Saturday, February 25, 2017
Asylum in Greece - The Eligibility Interview - ENGLISH

This is an information film for refugees, migrants, stateless persons or vulnerable persons in Greece. It describes the pre-requisites for claiming asylum in Europe through Greek Asylum service and the first step in that process is the registration for the Eligibility Interview. This information film, is a guide only that covers the subject of what all these people need to mention, narrate, write, provide evidence of, and their rights to have a translator or to have an interviewing officer of a specific gender e.g. women may prefer to have a female interviewing officer and in some cases, men may prefer to have a male interviewing officer. In preparation of eligibility: It deals with the hearing at the Greek Asylum Service. At the hearing, refugees can tell the authorities how and why they left their home countries. On this basis, a decision is made as to whether to grant asylum in Greece or not. As such, the hearing is a key step in the asylum-seeking process. Feel free to use and share this video with anyone it might help. It is available in 9 languages. Useful links are included on the following page: This film only provides a brief overview, and cannot replace comprehensive legal advice.

Asylum in Greece - The Eligibility Interview - ENGLISH |