A video about Mosaik Support Center in Lesvos

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Σάββατο, 7 October 2017
A video about Mosaik Support Center in Lesvos

From the Facebook page of Mosaik Support Center

"Hereby we proudly present another piece of art about our Mosaik!
A little insight into our work.
Mosaik Support Center is a collaborative project run by Lesvos Solidarity and borderline-europe.
More than thirty people are part of our team and more then 900 people are currently frequenting classes in Mosaik.
Please help us to stay independent and keep up the good work.
All contributions, no matter how small, are deeply appreciated. Thank you! Learn more about us: http://www.lesvosmosaik.org/en/support

We thank Somewhere Films for their amazing work!"

Information about refugee situation and refugee support center in Lesvos.