Humanitarian Governance

Frontex, Activists
Sep 13, 2017

Interventions in the public space of Lesvos - and other European countries - αs part of a European activist campaign, for the support of safe passage for the refugees and migrants who arrive in Europe through the Mediterranean (#safepassage || #freeiuventa).

Aug 2, 2017
No Border
A collection of texts presented at the Thessaloniki No Border Camp. Most of the texts were afterwards updated by their authors. The Thessaloniki No Border Organizing Assembly was dissolved in October 2016. Publishing the papers presented during the No Border Camp was one of the tasks of the Thessaloniki No Border Camp Press Team and this collection is its final activity.
May 20, 2017

A Syrian Princess is an e-Book published in Spring 2017.

It offers a very interesting personal account of the work of volunteers and activists on the north coast of Lesvos during the peak of the "Refugee and Migration Crisis" in October 2015.

This is a personal description of the rescue, relief and recetion efforts of numerous people that found themselves on that part of the island during this period, as well as the relations formed between them and the people arriving, but also, the local community of Skala Sykamias.